www.scibile.ch Designer site with bootstrap

[ project goal ]

__ The main focus of this website was an exclusive design to leave a correct marketing impression for a group of professionals who you'd commit a project with. Starting with a refresh of the logo, a total new corporate image was designed in agreement with modern marketing guidelines

[ challenges ]

__ To stand out in quality, the business works online with a high performing content management system for its customers, its name is TYPO3 and its corporate qualities allow the simple managment of a massive amount of pages and other content.

In contrast to the usual management systems, after the initial notions, this system helps to organize the content.   A clear programming strategy and consistency give intuitive control, and clear interfaces that resolve the fundamental   problem of current 'CMS', you need a programmer to manage ...

However, the system moves the load from the user to the programmer, and with a personalized site at this point this constitutes a challenge ...